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From: Ammar Faizi <[email protected]>
To: Ammar Faizi <[email protected]>
Cc: Michael William Jonathan <[email protected]>,
	GNU/Weeb FB Team <[email protected]>,
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Subject: [PATCH fb v1 3/3] fb: web: Replace Facebook onion asset endpoint with non-onion
Date: Sat, 13 May 2023 01:44:11 +0700	[thread overview]
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... for faster response time.

Avoid HTTP request to Facebook onion if possible because using Tor
network is slow. When using Facebook onion, the CDN asset URL looks like


we can simply replace the domain with to get the
same asset:

Side note: We don't fully understand how Facebook actually manages their
CDN. We may introduce a subtle issue by doing it this way. But we hope
we don't.

Signed-off-by: Ammar Faizi <[email protected]>
 web/public/api.php | 8 ++++++++
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)

diff --git a/web/public/api.php b/web/public/api.php
index 1b9ef97a2fb9c868..b2e19789dbca21c6 100644
--- a/web/public/api.php
+++ b/web/public/api.php
@@ -165,6 +165,14 @@ function rewriteOnionURL(?string $str): ?string
 		return $str;
+	/**
+	 * Don't use Facebook onion CDN for performance reasons.
+	 */
+	if (preg_match("/^scontent.xx.face.+?\.onion$/", $p["host"])) {
+		$p["host"] = "";
+		return build_url($p);
+	}
 	$signature = md5($str.API_SECRET, true);
Ammar Faizi

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