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From: "Paul E. McKenney" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
	"Vincent Dagonneau" <[email protected]>,
	"Thomas Weißschuh" <[email protected]>,
	"Willy Tarreau" <[email protected]>,
	"Paul E . McKenney" <[email protected]>
Subject: [PATCH nolibc 06/14] tools/nolibc: add tests for the integer limits in stdint.h
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 18:11:29 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <[email protected]> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <6a3206d0-e5cd-4990-9604-444a24a8207c@paulmck-laptop>

From: Vincent Dagonneau <[email protected]>

This commit adds tests for the limits added in a previous commit. The
limits are defined in decimal in stdint.h and as hexadecimal in the
tests (e.g. 0x7f = 127 or 0x80 = -128). Hopefully it catches some of the
most egregious mistakes.

As we rely on the compiler to provide __SIZEOF_LONG__, we also test
whether it is defined.

Signed-off-by: Vincent Dagonneau <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: Thomas Weißschuh <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: Willy Tarreau <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: Paul E. McKenney <[email protected]>
 tools/testing/selftests/nolibc/nolibc-test.c | 53 ++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 53 insertions(+)

diff --git a/tools/testing/selftests/nolibc/nolibc-test.c b/tools/testing/selftests/nolibc/nolibc-test.c
index 882140508d56..772f88bda0f1 100644
--- a/tools/testing/selftests/nolibc/nolibc-test.c
+++ b/tools/testing/selftests/nolibc/nolibc-test.c
@@ -602,6 +602,59 @@ int run_stdlib(int min, int max)
 		CASE_TEST(memcmp_e0_20);       EXPECT_GT(1, memcmp("aaa\xe0", "aaa\x20", 4), 0); break;
 		CASE_TEST(memcmp_80_e0);       EXPECT_LT(1, memcmp("aaa\x80", "aaa\xe0", 4), 0); break;
 		CASE_TEST(memcmp_e0_80);       EXPECT_GT(1, memcmp("aaa\xe0", "aaa\x80", 4), 0); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int8_max);          EXPECT_EQ(1, INT8_MAX,         (int8_t)          0x7f); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int8_min);          EXPECT_EQ(1, INT8_MIN,         (int8_t)          0x80); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint8_max);         EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT8_MAX,        (uint8_t)         0xff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int16_max);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT16_MAX,        (int16_t)         0x7fff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int16_min);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT16_MIN,        (int16_t)         0x8000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint16_max);        EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT16_MAX,       (uint16_t)        0xffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int32_max);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT32_MAX,        (int32_t)         0x7fffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int32_min);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT32_MIN,        (int32_t)         0x80000000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint32_max);        EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT32_MAX,       (uint32_t)        0xffffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int64_max);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT64_MAX,        (int64_t)         0x7fffffffffffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int64_min);         EXPECT_EQ(1, INT64_MIN,        (int64_t)         0x8000000000000000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint64_max);        EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT64_MAX,       (uint64_t)        0xffffffffffffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least8_max);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST8_MAX,   (int_least8_t)    0x7f); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least8_min);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST8_MIN,   (int_least8_t)    0x80); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_least8_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_LEAST8_MAX,  (uint_least8_t)   0xff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least16_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST16_MAX,  (int_least16_t)   0x7fff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least16_min);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST16_MIN,  (int_least16_t)   0x8000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_least16_max);  EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_LEAST16_MAX, (uint_least16_t)  0xffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least32_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST32_MAX,  (int_least32_t)   0x7fffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least32_min);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST32_MIN,  (int_least32_t)   0x80000000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_least32_max);  EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_LEAST32_MAX, (uint_least32_t)  0xffffffffU); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least64_min);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST64_MIN,  (int_least64_t)   0x8000000000000000LL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_least64_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_LEAST64_MAX,  (int_least64_t)   0x7fffffffffffffffLL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_least64_max);  EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_LEAST64_MAX, (uint_least64_t)  0xffffffffffffffffULL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast8_max);     EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST8_MAX,    (int_fast8_t)     0x7f); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast8_min);     EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST8_MIN,    (int_fast8_t)     0x80); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_fast8_max);    EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_FAST8_MAX,   (uint_fast8_t)    0xff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast16_min);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST16_MIN,   (int_fast16_t)    INTPTR_MIN); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast16_max);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST16_MAX,   (int_fast16_t)    INTPTR_MAX); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_fast16_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_FAST16_MAX,  (uint_fast16_t)   UINTPTR_MAX); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast32_min);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST32_MIN,   (int_fast32_t)    INTPTR_MIN); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast32_max);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST32_MAX,   (int_fast32_t)    INTPTR_MAX); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_fast32_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_FAST32_MAX,  (uint_fast32_t)   UINTPTR_MAX); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast64_min);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST64_MIN,   (int_fast64_t)    INTPTR_MIN); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_int_fast64_max);    EXPECT_EQ(1, INT_FAST64_MAX,   (int_fast64_t)    INTPTR_MAX); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uint_fast64_max);   EXPECT_EQ(1, UINT_FAST64_MAX,  (uint_fast64_t)   UINTPTR_MAX); break;
+#if __SIZEOF_LONG__ == 8
+		CASE_TEST(limit_intptr_min);        EXPECT_EQ(1, INTPTR_MIN,       (intptr_t)        0x8000000000000000LL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_intptr_max);        EXPECT_EQ(1, INTPTR_MAX,       (intptr_t)        0x7fffffffffffffffLL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uintptr_max);       EXPECT_EQ(1, UINTPTR_MAX,      (uintptr_t)       0xffffffffffffffffULL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_ptrdiff_min);       EXPECT_EQ(1, PTRDIFF_MIN,      (ptrdiff_t)       0x8000000000000000LL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_ptrdiff_max);       EXPECT_EQ(1, PTRDIFF_MAX,      (ptrdiff_t)       0x7fffffffffffffffLL); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_size_max);          EXPECT_EQ(1, SIZE_MAX,         (size_t)          0xffffffffffffffffULL); break;
+#elif __SIZEOF_LONG__ == 4
+		CASE_TEST(limit_intptr_min);        EXPECT_EQ(1, INTPTR_MIN,       (intptr_t)        0x80000000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_intptr_max);        EXPECT_EQ(1, INTPTR_MAX,       (intptr_t)        0x7fffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_uintptr_max);       EXPECT_EQ(1, UINTPTR_MAX,      (uintptr_t)       0xffffffffU); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_ptrdiff_min);       EXPECT_EQ(1, PTRDIFF_MIN,      (ptrdiff_t)       0x80000000); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_ptrdiff_max);       EXPECT_EQ(1, PTRDIFF_MAX,      (ptrdiff_t)       0x7fffffff); break;
+		CASE_TEST(limit_size_max);          EXPECT_EQ(1, SIZE_MAX,         (size_t)          0xffffffffU); break;
+# warning "__SIZEOF_LONG__ is undefined"
+#endif /* __SIZEOF_LONG__ */
 		case __LINE__:
 			return ret; /* must be last */
 		/* note: do not set any defaults so as to permit holes above */

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